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Snehal Shah

Rainmaker | Sales | VP of Sales | General Manager | Marketing Leader | Lead Generation Expert | Client Services

VP of Sales
Business Development
Client Relationship Management
General Manager
Snehal Shah
Professional Status
About Me
I am a Revenue Growth Architect! A strategic minded individual with tactical skills, I have extensive Sales and Marketing proficiency and leadership experience and thrive in high-pressure and fast-paced situations. I strive for positive results through the application of my sales (both new business and existing accounts), lead generation, prospecting, strategy, and marketing abilities.

• Secured several late-stage wins against major competitors throughout my career. Examples of this include a $35M managed services deal with a Fortune 500 company and a $70.3M big data win (against a Top 3 Consulting organization) for a Fortune 100 company.
• Successfully led New Business Development through sales, marketing and other growth initiatives, resulting in $170M+ net new revenue with 28 new logos within a 6-year period.
• Delivered sales transformation by reversing sagging performance and reinvigorating sales growth through solid leadership. Teamed up with Finance & Operations to create effective strategies & innovative plays, achieving 115% of sales plan with significant pipeline growth.
• Designed and executed a streamlined yet, effective strategy for increasing a product and services business in the lagging mid-cap enterprise market. Closed multiple opportunities collectively over $80M+, achieving 135% of plan in addition to growing the pipeline.
• Improved client services and customer experience scores to 90%, closing several opportunities under $20M for transformation services and strategically positioning the organization for future add-on business products, services, and solutions.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Metasys Group
2018 to 2020
United States - Georgia
  • Led Sales & Marketing for the Group (Metasys Technologies, MetaProcure, and GoProcure) supporting revenue of over $100M. Influenced and individually contributed to a $4M y-o-y run-rate in enterprise software within 3 months with a Net Margin exceeding 40%. Owned all sales plans, hiring, compensation, performance management, employee communications, reporting, and retention.
Detailed Description
  • Expanded on pipeline management ensuring faster revenue growth within the first 2 quarters (7% measured increase) through weekly cadence, territory profiling, top deal focus, up-selling, incentives & executive alignment for better visibility, forecasting, and planning.
  • Led a 26-member team (17 sales and account management, 6 inside sales, 3 marketing) of Hunters, Farmers, Lead Generation, Prospecting, Digital, Content Marketing, & Sales Support, to service a wide range of clients within both Enterprise and SMB segments.
  • Built marketing & sales operations teams to drive an integrated marketing plan, propelling brand metrics that include a 37% increase in social media following, 1M impressions in 6 months, 21 roadshows, 11 trade shows, website redesign (3k+ visits per month), and more.

Vice President of Sales and Client Services

Pitney Bowes
2016 to 2018
United States - Georgia
  • Led Sales and Client Services (NPF customer experience scores over 90) with a tactical and strategic direction to drive aggressive profitable revenue growth for $800M book of business. Provided leadership to transform team towards customer relationship driven solution selling.
Detailed Description
  • Designed and executed competitive Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategies helping strategically enhance, and transform the team to sell different types of solutions & services at various organizational levels, resulting in 9% profit growth in the 2nd quarter itself.
  • With continuous improvement, analytics, & new-to-company strategies, changed a decade-long trend of declining sales performance and overcame reduced spending by Gen X and Boomer consumers, achieving 110% quarterly sales targets within the first 2 quarters.
  • Through new hiring and relationship building, maximized focus on margins and Cross-selling First Class, Direct (Standard Mail), Parcels and other solutions including Mail Plus Mobile, Return Mail, and Informed Delivery, impacting a 10% increase in Quarter revenue.
  • Proactively lead clients from non-core commitments to analytical, market sensitive transformational solutions and services, fostering more business and a broader strategic engagement; saved a key client $2.3 M per year without a significant impact on EBIT.
  • Keeping the focus on vertical markets, coached & mentored a team of 43 with a Solution selling focus on new and market changing strategies around E-commerce, SaaS, Software, Print, Presort, and Business Process Outsourcing.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Neusoft America, Inc.
2011 to 2016
United States - Georgia
  • Managed Direct Sales, Client Relationships, Global Marketing, and Sales Operations and Enablement teams, maximized ROI and consistently drove double-digit annual revenue and growth over the 6-year period. With strategic planning and day-to-day execution, created and integrated new business strategies through active prospecting, lead generation, inside sales, AI tools, and marketing automation. Captured between 5% &18% market share in varied segments through diversified services & product lines using best practices.
Detailed Description
  • Delivered a $123M outsourcing contract after being earlier viewed as a non-contender and led pursuit teams that extended a 5-year (up from 3-year) $58M contract.
  • Expanded, overhauled, and built team, and consulting engagement process, enhancing market coverage, sales productivity tools, deal visibility, enabling talented sellers and consultants to deliver $175M on a targeted $110M for FY2015.
  • Through sales force automation, pipeline management, forecasting, innovation, and a strategic sales process, drove a total transformation of the overall B2B sales strategy & business processes, broadening the appeal to achieve a 300% increase in NEW customers.
  • Through analytical and strategic thinking approach, delivered an accelerated initiative for new & visionary services and product development generating $65M revenue within 4 years.
  • Individually contributed to driving and closing sales over $10M each year (2013 – 2016) with various enterprise and mid-size organizations across North and South America.
  • Delivered a $123M outsourcing contract after being earlier viewed as a non-contender and led pursuit teams that extended a 5-year (up from 3-year) $58M contract.
  • Grew gross margins by 34% through tighter channel management. Drove performance improvements, messaging, branding, and event activities (clients and staff) to build new relationships, better partnerships, and service existing clients.
  • Successfully positioned the business to attract JV's (Phillips in North America and GE in Europe), 7 acquisitions, and multiple investments from Intel, Cisco, and BMW.
  • Managed a strong cost-effective strategic sales team across various divisions (BPO, Managed Services, Information Technology solutions, Staffing, RPO, MSP, Auditing) & consistently exceeded 100% of aggressive sales goals servicing strategic enterprise customers in various industries nationally.
Detailed Description
  • Exceeded expectations and closed new business with various enterprise clients securing 14 new logos with over $150M in top line revenue in my first year (2009).
  • Designed, developed, and implemented strategies to achieve "stretch" yet achievable goals that accounted for a 60% growth through existing client relationship management during the 2009 lean phase.
  • Increased and accelerated the sales funnel and growth by targeting, negotiating, and executing contracts with businesses; increased sales productivity by 30%, overall gross profit margins (GPM) by 7% & Gross Profit Dollars (GPD) by 4% within the first 12 months.
  • Optimized, developed and managed a strong and cost-effective sales team with the ability to sell both staffing and solution selling. Reduced cost by 13% y-o-y through team reallocation, sales strategies, training programs, strategic initiatives, account maintenance and M&A.
  • Boosted morale through regular team-building & one-on-one coaching. Coached & mentored a 37-member strong sales and account management team to resolve customer issues and position themselves to sell high enough and early enough and strategically partner with clients to create value.
  • Drove sales for the business unit through a global sales and marketing team of 9 industry verticals. Achieved $126M in revenue, leading division through various integrated sales and marketing strategies winning various long-term, multi-million-dollar IT, BPO, RPO, Analytics, and Contact Center deals.
Detailed Description
  • Grew team to successfully close 11 multi-year, multi-tiered contracts totaling $60M.
  • Generated deals within 9 months leading from 88% of plan for 2006 orders to 117% of plan.
  • Produced individual contributions to close 7 new multi-year, multi-million-dollar deals.
  • Grew sales 36% CAGR over 3 years without any breakthrough products or solutions, entering various new markets, adjusting sales roles, and achieving 21% EBIDTA growth.
Detailed Description
  • Achieved over $62M in revenue over 3 years, 4X the initial goal.
  • Developed & managed a global strategic deals team, increasing revenue by over 85%.

Business Development Executive

IBM Global Services
1996 to 2002
United States - Georgia
  • Exceeded over 100% of aggressive quota set by IBM.
  • Led a 6-member Sales team from 1999 to 2002.